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GRAVITY by Lyndon Jugalbot - Video DOWNLOAD
Gravity is Lyndon Jugalbot's take on suspension effects. Gravity comes with 3 effects, Balance, Static & Haunted Bill.BALANCE:: Imagine you can balance a...
WINDOW BOX by Lyndon Jugalbot - Video DOWNLOAD
This is great way to end and ambitious card routine. It is visual and most of all you don't need to worry about any gimmick or extra piece. EVERYTHING can be...
MYSTIQUE by Lyndon Jugalbot - Video DOWNLOAD
MYSTIQUE is a visual ink revelation, change and a vanishing ink effect with a unique gimmick.
Miracles - The Magic of James Swain Set Vol 1 thru Vol 4) video DOWNLOAD
For years, Jim Swain's name has been associated with some of the finest cheating material and classical magic in the industry. He doesn't do conventions, and...
Window Watcher by Aaron Plener - Video DOWNLOAD
Window Watcher is a utility gimmick that is easy to make and use. By purchasing this download you will receive over 30 minutes of tutorials including the...
Paper Drowned by Mr. Bless - Video DOWNLOAD
The spectator freely places a blank sheet of paper into the deck !! Their selected cards are the only ones in the deck without duplicates. Finally dip the...
Minty Fresh by Greg Van Holsbeck - Video DOWNLOAD
Minty Fresh is a levitation effect in your pocket. The trick packs small, completely self-included into a box of tic-tacs. You can make the gimmick at home...
Unseen by Arnel Renegado - Video DOWNLOAD
A simple gimmick that can create an illusion to let a freely selected card pass through a whole deck.A card is selected and it passes back and forth into a...
Hell Raiser by Arnel Renegado Video DOWNLOAD
HELLRAISER is a brand new effect from Arnel Renegado where a spectator selects a card and signs it. The magician then draws any image he wants on the back of...
Exit Strategy by Jay Sankey - Video DOWNLOAD
Cause a borrowed finger ring to melt through two ordinary drinking straws under test conditions. Jay's been performing this mysterious effect in combination...
David Regal Set (Vol. 1 thru 3) video DOWNLOAD
Remember when these DVDs were released? People were BLOWN OVER by the variety of material, and the strength of David Regal's performances. They are densely...
Reverse D by Lyndon Jugalbot,Rich Piccone and Tom Elderfield - Video DOWNLOAD
A utility gimmick that is easy to make. Which allows you to do some cool effects from your own imagination. Enjoy! This is Reverse'D!
Piece by Piece by Aaron Plener - Video DOWNLOAD
Piece by Piece is a Torn and Restored card effect that: Uses A single Card No Duplicates Signed by the Spectator Visually Restored Piece by Piece Handed...
Printer Box by Mr. Bless - Video DOWNLOAD
Show to spectator that is a regular deck.The deck is shuffled. Now the spectator can choose any card of the deck. Free selection!The selected card is signed...
M.O.T.H by Lyndon Jugalbot - Video DOWNLOAD
You'll have fun with this method. It's very easy yet so visual. Your imagination is your limit. Can be applied in other things not just cards.
Poker Dream by Mr. Bless - Video DOWNLOAD
From Italian illusionist Mr. Bless two great routines based on poker. You will learn an easy method for dealing a royal flush or aces. You'll look like a...
Johnny Thompson Commercial Set (Vol 1 thru 4) video DOWNLOAD
Johnny Thompson is one of the last of the living legends in his era. There is only on Vernon, Miller, Elmsley, Jennings, Marlo, and only one Thompson....
The Artful Remote Viewer by Bob Cassidy - AUDIO DOWNLOAD
The next in Bob Cassidy's highly acclaimed series of mentalism teleseminars focuses on one of his specialities - effects that demonstrate apparent "Remote...

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