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Ultimate Mentalism by Karllos Della Re (Portuguese only) video DOWNLOAD
Karllos Della Re is one of the greatest mentalists working today in Brazil.He was the Champion of the Astros program in 2013, and has made several...
Timeline by Kelvin Trinh video DOWNLOAD
In this download, you will learn six card sleights from Kelvin Trinh.No gimmick required. All you need is a normal deck of cards.EFFECTS:Slide...
Fast Search Alexandr Erohin video DOWNLOAD
Ninja style.Spread the deck and take out the selected card instantly from the middle of the deck like a ninja.A trick from the pages of Magicseen Magazine....
Bill Taste by ZiHu video DOWNLOAD
IMAGINE, you take out a stick of GUM from the pack and without any cover, instantly it turns into the REAL MONEY!Have you been looking for a great money...
At The Table October 2016 Subscription video DOWNLOAD
October is a month of sequels. That's right, Andi Gladwin and Joshua Jay, are both back for an encore At The Table Lecture filled with new material and...
At The Table Live Lecture Joshua Jay October 19th 2016 video DOWNLOAD
You've seen him on The Today Show, Good Morning America, and even on Penn & Teller's Fool Us. That's right, Joshua Jay is back from a whirlwind of...
The Jokker by VanBien video DOWNLOAD
A spectator chooses a card any card and signs it. That card is then put back randomly in the middle of the deck. The magician spreads the cards out face down...
PIN by Scott Creasey video DOWNLOAD
Ask a volunteer to guess your PIN by naming any four-digit number and then prove beyond a doubt they got it right.In this twenty minute video Scott shares...
Sovereign by Cedric Taylor eBook DOWNLOAD
From the creator of Omniscient and Fly on the Wall, comes a system of presentations that will allow any performer to:- Hypnotize your participants- Read your...
B-SWITCH by Vanbien video DOWNLOAD
B-SWITCH is a new effect from the transposition concept; the cards switch in a spectator's hand!The magician and a spectator each choose a card from the deck...
Magic Encarta presents VERTIGO by Vivek Singhi video DOWNLOAD
VERTIGO is an easy fast paced flourish designed specifically for trainer decks but of course can be done with a deck of cards. Easy, stunning, and fun to...
Magic Encarta Presents Trick Tac by Vivek Singhi video DOWNLOAD
A seemingly impossible effect with an everyday item, Tic Tacs!!! Perform magic classics like "Miser's Dream" or "Coins Across" but with Tic Tacs.Details:...
Match by Greg Chipman eBook DOWNLOAD
Two cards match under impossible conditions!The effect:The magician explains he has two decks, one red the other blue. He places the blue deck aside...
Torque by Chris Turchi and Brandon David video DOWNLOAD
Based off of the classic "Twisting Arm" by Shinko, Chris Turchi and Brandon David have given this timeless illusion a twist of their own by bringing the...
Common Core Rope by Timothy Rose video DOWNLOAD
The Common Core Rope by Tim Rose was inspired by the time tested rope with four ends. Realizing the effect had limits and the patter was dated, Tim created...
At The Table Live Lecture Andi Gladwin October 5th 2016 video DOWNLOAD
We are incredibly excited to announce that Andi Gladwin is back for his second At The Table Lecture! The only British magician to perform at President...
Inline 2 by Kelvin Trinh and Tony Ho video DOWNLOAD
Imagine you have a normal deck of cards. You ask a spectator to pick a card and check it. Then you mysteriously make the card balance on the top of the...
VANISH Magazine June/July 2016 - Paul Romhany eBook DOWNLOAD
Issue 26:Ed's Note by Paul RomhanyBamboozlers by Diamond Jim TylerEasy Magic for Beginners by David Penn and Sean HeydonCard Gaffing by Jeremy HanrahanHow to...

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